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Used Car Warranty

Been looking at second hand cars?

If you find that you spend lots of time each week looking at used cars for sale on the Internet, you're not alone. It's not surprising, as there are so many bargain second hand cars out there at the moment, particularly if you have the mindset to pick up a bargain luxobarge or a SUV, for example - as such cars tend to depreciate quickly.

The costs involved in running a used car.

Apart from the car itself and the insurance, what other costs do you need to consider when calculating the cost of buying a used car? Well for starters there’s the road tax, which is lower the more economical and less polluting the car is. Then there’s the cost of fuelling it with increasingly expensive petrol or diesel, which is obviously more for cars with larger fuel tanks and cars which are thirstier. But the one extra cost used car buyers really do need to factor in is for a used car warranty.

Is a used car warranty worth it for a popular family car?

Costing perhaps only a few hundred pounds initially, which some used car warranty firms even let you pay by instalments, a good used car warranty could leave you 'in profit' once renewal time comes along. This is because even relatively common family cars like a Ford Focus, Vauxhall Vectra, Honda Civic or Skoda Octavia can cost several hundreds or even into the thousands of pounds to repair, depending on the fault which develops.

Statistically, all second hand cars will go wrong at some point, so they would all benefit from used car warranties. You only need to spend a few minutes looking at motoring forums and owners club websites to find the common problems blighting certain makes and models of car.

Different types of car warranty

Unlike new cars which come with a manufacturer’s warranty, second hand cars will either come with no warranty or the remainder of a 3rd party policy if they're being sold privately, or with some kind of extended used car warranty if they are being sold by an independent dealer or garage. This is what a used car warranty is - an insurance policy protecting you if anything goes wrong with the second hand car you've just bought. When we say 'anything', we mean all the car parts and scenarios covered by the policy.

What to look for in used car warranties

So when shopping around comparing used car warranties, focus on ones which cover ALL mechanical and electrical parts, plus consequential damage, failure due to premature wear and tear, MOT failure and even your sat nav or DVD system. Read the terms and conditions carefully and look at any testimonials provided. It's also worth speaking to other owners of the car you've got in mind, to see which company they got their used car warranty from.

Where can you get one from?

There are many different used car warranties providers out there in the UK, from large breakdown brands such as the AA and RAC, to independent, family-run businesses such as Warrantywise. You can usually obtain a used car warranty quote from their respective websites.

Peace of mind

Find the right used car warranty for you, and not only will it give you more peace of mind, but it could also come to the rescue if any problems develop with your second hand car purchase. Money well spent!

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